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FIFA World Cup 2022 – The Hottest ever

The other draw for the afternoon was for the country hosting FIFA World Cup of 2022.

Qatar will be hosting the World Cup soccer 2022, announced by FIFA President Joseph Blatter after the vote of the Executive Committee in Zurich, Switzerland.

The nation from the middle east, was the preference of most of the 22 voters of the Executive Committee of FIFA, defeating the other candidates; Australia, United States, Japan and South Korea. This is a country still under construction but is already a world power as the main producer of natural gas and where the investment made for this type of event will certainly not be a problem.

In their application, Qatar, presented an ambitious proposal economically irresistible with an investment of several billion U.S. dollars, which would solve the heat problem in the region with the construction of twenty two air-conditioned stadiums. The twenty two stadiums, will be special because after the event they will be dismantled and send to countries that need them the most.

The government of Qatar will invest in infrastructures to promote, among other projects, a unique subway system in the world and a new airport. The investment level in housing will also be huge, with the construction and improvement of 110 000 dwellings to be built by the year of the event. The plan of the Arabs also used football as the axis of power to unite countries and mediate in conflicts, advancing the legacy that would provide this major event for the region.

The twenty second edition of the FIFA World Cup finals will be held for the first time by a country in the Middle East, although Qatar has received the World Championship Under-20 in 1995.

Rui Valadão

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