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Legal Alien - Kerry Moone

Name: Kerry Moone

Home place: Limerick, Ireland

Population: 90,757

Course: Information Services

Q.1 - How difficult was the decision of going study to another country by Erasmus mobility?

A.1 - “It was very easy. Since day one in college I knew that I wanted to try study in a different country, learn about other countries and their cultures and because I love to travel.”

Q.2 - What are the most different things between you’re home place and the city of Groningen?

A.2 - “I think that the weather is almost the same, but that’s the only thing. The city of Groningen and their people are very friendly and at my home place not so much. Other things that are a lot different are the food (that is terrible) lots of bikes, almost everything is cheaper, tall people and the way Dutch people wear.”

Q.3 - What do you think about the Hanze University so far?

A.3 - “I like it very much. The university services are very good because they are very efficient, the classes are less crowded (that makes it easier to learn), the interactivity between the students is great, the students formation is focused on the project work and that makes it better for us to adapt to our future jobs. There are some things I don’t like too, like the schedule is always changing week after week and the classrooms are too far from each other.”

Q.4 – What are your goals for after college?

A.4 – “I still don’t know. My experience here is opening and showing me more options that I couldn’t even imagine. Now teaching in a high school level is now my favorite option. When I finish my studies I want to live and work back in Ireland and be more independent as possible.”

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