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Legal Alien - Kristine Petersone

Legal Alien

Name: Kristine Petersone

Age: 19

Country: Latvia

Course: IBMS, year 1

Why did you choose Groningen for your international experience?

I chose Netherlands as a country to study in and I was thinking about several different universities in different cities. Then I came to visit one of the universities in Venlo and got the taste of the environment. I contacted with some people from Venlo, Tilburg, Groningen and Eindhoven and most of them suggested me Groningen because of the student life in the big picture. Also I must add that the city differs from others and is very beautiful.

What are the differences between Dutch and Latvian cultures?

Dutch people are more open, I think. I see no big differences, in fact. Also, here we have more wild and regular parties. The intercultural communication is also one of reasons I chose to come here.

What is your opinion about the Hanze University?

I think it’s a good university with a serious studying schedule with lot of group work, which is what I really like about it and a lot of studying, of course. The educational system really differs from ours and that is great because we don’t have so much practical work.

What are your plans for when you get back home?

I am not sure I’ll go back home after finishing studies, that is why I chose an international course, to work internationally. I am thinking about taking another course after finishing this one, psychology or arts.

In which way did the EASMUS experience help you learn about your study area?
I have learned that the world is much wider than I first thought and we have to use all our opportunities.

Would you change something in this five months journey in the Netherlands?

No, definitely not!

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